Welcome to Boulder Valley Individual Practice Association

We service Independent Physicians and Providers who practice in the Boulder County and its environs.


Boulder Valley IPA’s purpose is to coordinate the delivery of high-quality, affordable health care services through a physician-directed, market responsive, and accountable system. This system is designed to provide physicians the tools to enhance the viability of, and satisfaction in, independent medical practice.

Who is BVIPA?

Our Membership
Our Philosophy
Our Promise

Our Objectives

Member Satisfaction 100%
Fully Vetted Resources 100%
Timely Response 100%
Objective Business Education 100%

Meet Our Officers

Susan Roach, MD
Susan Roach, MDPresident


Meet Our Board Members

Gregory Arends, MD
Gregory Arends, MDMember
William Blanchet, MD
William Blanchet, MDMember
Richard Fox, MD
Richard Fox, MD Member
David Gatof, MD
David Gatof, MDMember
Rebecca Myers,  MD
Rebecca Myers, MDMember
Gustavo Isuani, MD
Gustavo Isuani, MDMember
David Morrissey, MD
David Morrissey, MD Member
Dawn Pavot, MD
Dawn Pavot, MD Member
Adam Palazzari, MD
Adam Palazzari, MDMember
Benjamin Keidan, M.D.
Benjamin Keidan, M.D. Member
Mark Hickey, MD
Mark Hickey, MD Member